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Covid-19 force majeure issues?

ContractIf you are considering purchasing a boat, as International Yacht Brokers Nicolle Associates have worked with a top marine lawyer to develop a clause that will deal with force majeure issues that might arise as a result of Covid-19.

We always recommend that sellers use brokers as this ensures that if good value boats are well presented to a larger market they get best value and quicker selling times and buyers benefit from a secure transaction with good Title and other important aspects. These benefits come automatically with any boat presented and sold by Nicolle Associates.

If you do feel that you want to buy and / or sell a boat privately we are prepared to make our Covid-19 clause available for a small fee and only for your exclusive use. If you find that you need the help of a broker once you have found a buyer speak to us about our Conveyance only work including multi-currency client accounts for deposit safekeeping etc