2004 Hallberg Rassy 43 new to the market and on it’s way to Hamble

2004 Hallberg Rassy 43 New to the market and on it’s way to Hamble.

The Hallberg-Rassy 43 represents an evolution of earlier models. Apparent is the relatively longer waterline which brings immediate improvements in speed and sea-kindliness.

The hull construction follows HR current and well-proven practice of building solid bottom layup and cored topsides and decks for very good results in strength and longevity.

Compared with earlier models the interior layout has been improved, adding a separate shower in the forward toilet, good headroom in the walk-through to the aft cabin and overall polishing of details and layouts.

I expect the new HR 43 to become a classic in her range and style with very good sailing capabilities and volume inside. Clean uncluttered decks and a well protected cockpit, typical of the HR Line.

Full specification – http://bit.ly/qTe93

Hallberg Rassy 43