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Advice on Buying a Boat and the Buying Process

We are delighted that you are looking for a new boat and as such felt that we should introduce the professional services that Nicolle Associates provide, to help you through the various steps of buying a boat.

If you are considering finance, it is well worth applying for approval in principle up to a certain value at this early stage as it will save you a lot of time later on in the process, this may even be the deciding factor for any vendor if there are two offers on the table.

It is a common misconception that buying a yacht is an easy, straightforward exercise. These days buying yachts is highly competitive; it’s about contacts, precise market experience and generally being in the know.

By combining instinct and experience, we have been privileged in representing clients and fulfilling the significant changes to their seagoing leisure time, matching every yacht to its new owner objectively.

Nicolle Associates is an independent firm, based in the United Kingdom, established for over ten years and staffed by yacht professionals. Through our contacts around the world we can help you buy your new or used boat, arrange a viewing and help you close the deal. We are also proud to be recognised by finance houses, insurance companies and some of the major manufacturers for advice on pricing and availability of certain boats.

We are small enough to truly want to work for your custom, but large enough to react to global matters that influence the industry; enabling swift and precise responses to the demands of the individual.

Instead of you wasting time investigating boats, we will do the work for you; which avoids false market build-up and price loading due to perceived over-demand. Quick, one-off sales are not on the agenda. We put your interests first throughout, so you can come back to us for sales and purchases in the future with the utmost confidence.

We will guide you through selection, advising on everything from legal procedures to charter potential to assist you in making an informed decision. We’ll then handle all the minutiae of the transaction through to completion, drawing up agreements, attending sea trials and conducting detailed negotiations with the seller to ensure the fairest and best outcome.

Nicolle Associates offers the entire package to the boating enthusiast. We have a database of precisely qualified individuals who wish to buy, sell and charter boats. We provide a best-of-breed pre and post-sale service solution, combined with no costs of purchase and 100% commitment.

I hope this fully explains the procedure of purchasing a boat and goes some way to making your relationship with Nicolle Associates an enjoyable experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we really are here to help.

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