Selling a Boat

Advice on Selling a Boat

Price – “A boat is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for her”

We believe there is a potential buyer for every boat, but only at the right price. Price her incorrectly and potential buyers may over look her. Most likely there will be other examples of your boat you are competing against. Just because your boat has a superior specification do not always expect to receive a better price. It may be that it is your boat that is bought first. So do not overprice against lesser boats.

Nicolle Associates offer a free valuation and Market appraisal which will guide you to a competitive asking price. Through our broker network we have access to all other asking prices and history of the sold prices.

Timing – “Early bird catches the worm”

Timing is important as boats tend to sell from early spring onwards, through to October. Unfortunately this can mean preparing your boat in the cold and potentially damp months or February and March, just when your boat is looking at its worst! But don’t let this put you off. Others experienced in selling boats will know this and will try to be the ‘early birds’ in the marketplace and you need to be there too.

Condition – “A diamond in the rough ”

You need to sort your problems first, similarly to selling a house, spending a bit of money before the boat is placed on brokerage is a good investment as it makes her more desirable to potential buyers.

Check everything is operational to see that they function correctly, in particular that the engine starts easily from cold, that rigging and sails operate smoothly, and that the navigation lights work, check the bilge pumps, internal lights, winches, heating, gas appliances, generator, cooking facilities, taps and toilets.

When searching for the next dream, the last thing potential buyers want to be reminded of is the fact that this boat used to be your dream. All those little items that make it yours will not help in the sale. Give the viewers a blank canvass to start from – only leave aboard what will be sold with the boat. If there is any ancillary equipment, safety or otherwise, that you plan not to include in the sale of your boat, remove it, at the very least when the boat is being viewed. What the purchaser doesn’t see, they’re less likely to worry about or miss.

Your boat needs to show visually just how much care you’ve probably taken over the years, even if it is looking a little weary and well used by now. None of us live in a show house but that’s how it has to be, if you want your boat to stand above the crowd.

If you were buying a boat, which would you consider first – a clean well presented pleasure craft or a forlorn and neglected ex-dream?

Documentation and enhancements – “Limit the excuses”

Limit the reasons for someone to not buy your boat. You will need the original copies of the following documents

  • Registration
  • Title
  • VAT Status
  • RCD Status

The more details you provide the better we can market the boat. In this age of the Internet over 75% of the research is completed without even contacting the broker, the more detail we can provide online, the better chance we have of getting and keeping the potential buyers interest.

Ideally if you can provide the following information you will already be ahead of the game.

The original specification, present specification, reason for selling, short summary of her history, inventory and as many enhancements as you have that can be used to improve the listing either visually or in print. Photos, plans, layouts Details of recent work, refits or new equipment.

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