How Nicolle Associates makes Co-Brokerage work for you

When listing your boat, Nicolle Associates strongly believes that the more marketing exposure your boat receives, the better the outcome – in both faster selling time and final sale price. This is why – unlike many other brokers – we actively market your boat, not only across our own site and a huge global network of listing sites, but also on other broker’s websites.

What is co-brokerage?

Traditionally, brokerages like ours make our commission by listing a boat and finding a buyer for that boat, with our commission fee being a percentage of the final selling price. In this instance, there is only one broker involved and that broker receives the full commission available for the sale. However, this is not the only way; in fact, almost half of our sales are conducted through ‘co-brokerage’ deals. This means that while marketing your boat, we may be approached by another broker who has a client looking to purchase your boat, in this instance where there are two brokers involved the commission available is instead split on a co-brokerage basis between the ‘listing’ and ‘selling’ broker.

Why don’t all brokers do this?

Of course, by listing your boat across other brokers’ sites, Nicolle Associates are actively encouraging more of these co-brokerage deals – we do this because, by working with our co-brokerage partners, we are maximising the exposure of your boat and improving sale outcomes for our sellers. So why don’t all brokerages do the same? The answer is simply that many brokers prefer not to split their commission fee, even if this is not in the best interests of their sellers. What is more, you may never know that you are missing out on potential sales, as many brokers actively advertise their client’s boats as ‘not available for co-brokerage’ thus turning away many, many potential buyers.

How to ensure your broker is doing the best job for you.

With the huge changes in the brokerage market (read more about this here), now more than ever, it is important for sellers to carefully consider their options when it comes to choosing a broker. Ask yourself:

  • Does my broker have the capacity to list my boat across Global marketing platforms?
  • Is my broker actively investing to improve the marketing and sale outcomes for my boat?
  • Will my broker openly engage with all buyers and other brokers to sell my boat with the best outcomes?
  • Will my boat be advertised as ‘available for co-brokerage’ across broker-facing sites globally?
  • Will my broker list directly on other brokers’ listing platforms to ‘cast the net’ further and wider?
  • Will my broker offer to market my boat, at their own expense, working on a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ basis?

Rest assured, on all of the points above, with Nicolle Associates the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.