The Survey and Conclusion


Advice on getting a Boat Survey and Conclusion of a Sale

It is important at this stage that you are aware that you need to select a surveyor yourself, our list details a selection of surveyors however you are free to choose any surveyor. The main things to consider when selecting a surveyor are that they understand the technical aspects and are capable of putting them into writing. It is of no use using a surveyor that specialises in one part of the industry to survey a boat from another part.

Surveyors do not have to be formally qualified, and as such it is worth appointing someone who already knows the boat, brand or at the very least the build construction. As a very minimum, a surveyor should have Professional Indemnity and Errors and Omissions Insurance and be a member of industry-approved bodies.

Some surveys do not extend to Standing Rigging, Engine and Gas installation and you can be sure as with most things in life, there will be plenty of disclaimers. If you need additional items checking the surveyor is best placed to recommend suitable contractors. Brokerage insurance does not permit us to recommend contractors however if the surveyor cannot help we can provide a list of members of industry recognised bodies.

Once you have selected a surveyor we will be happy to appoint him on your behalf and as such can arrange to forward a copy of the specification and arrange for keys, access and availability. We will also arrange for permission from the vendor for the survey and advise the vendor that the boat should be correctly insured for the various aspects of the survey, which may involve moving and operating the boat.

In the light of the surveyors’ report and your sea trial, where required, one of three things will happen:

1) The boat will be as expected for a boat of it’s age and price – i.e. nothing of serious consequence will have been found.

2) Something not very serious, but expensive enough to expect a reduction in the agreed price


3) The survey shows that the boat is so awful (known in the trade as “with material defects”), that you would not want the boat at any price. You can then demand and get your deposit money back.

The Conclusion

In the case of 2) above, the price will normally be renegotiated to everyone’s satisfaction and the sale continues, you pay the balance of the purchase money and we provide you with the bill of sale, certificate of registry (if required), transcript of cancellation of registry (if necessary), RCD documents, VAT receipt documents and the Keys to the boat!