RIVA AQUARAMA model available from Nicolle Associates

“Rolls-Royce of the Sea”, “Stradivarius of Boating” are just some of the phrases that have been used to describe the Riva Aquarama. The Riva Aquarama will forever be worshiped.

Riva Aquarama model available from Nicolle Associates

Riva Aquarama model available from Nicolle Associates

In 1962, Carlo Riva introduced the Aquarama series of new fast runabouts. This fast bi-motor has so much charm and elegance that she is compared with Rolls-Royce and Ferrari.

Riva redesigned his top-selling Tritone into the Lipicar, a boat perfectly adapted for family water sports. Riva’s RR and export manager Gerard Kouwenhoven suggested the name Aquarama instead. The Jet-Set quickly made the boat Europe’s status symbol.

Power options were a pair of 185-hp Chris-Craft engines or 220-hp Riva V8s.

Later the boat size increased as 8.25 meters and was powered by 2 x 220 horse power engines. The boat could seat eight people at speed of 75km/h. In 1966, the firm presented the Super version that is 8.45 m long because of the bigger gas tanks necessary for the new 320 horse power engines. A total number of 288 boats were built in the world.