Sjøen for alle the 2010 Norwegian International Boat Show – March 12-21

At Nicolle Associates we have been getting a lot of interest for our brokerage boats from countries with stronger currencies than the UK’s Pound Sterling.

Norwegian International Boat Show - Sjøen for alle

Norwegian International Boat Show - Sjøen for 2010 Norwegian Internationalalle

“Euroland” is one of these areas, however the Euro isn’t as strong as some of its neighbours currencies. To get best value for our clients boats we have been working hard further afield to ensure that all our boats are well represented in the best markets, and keeping a watching eye on those countries boating activities.

The Norwegian krone is particularly strong against the pound and also stronger than the euro at present. The 2010 Norwegian International Boat Show (Sjøen for alle) will be held in Oslo from March 12-21 2010 and we will be watching developments closely. Confident in the market there, the Norwegian Bavaria agent has just ordered a stock of 30 boats which shows the difference between the Norwegian and UK marketplace.

“We’re quite happy with the applications we’ve got,” says the show’s project manager, Merete Rustad. “They’re at approximately the same level as last year. Three halls are almost filled up and we’re getting more applications all the time. The optimism in the boat business seems to be back.”

“The audience will see several world premieres as well as Norwegian premieres,” Rustad adds. “A large number of equipment companies have also registered as exhibitors.”

Sjøen for alle 2010 is based at the Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrøm, Oslo.