The 33rd America’s Cup goes online

Information about the 33rd America’s Cup is now available on the official website
Clean design, intuitive navigation are immediately obvious, but the biggest innovations for the communication of this editions are the live video streaming and the social networks (Twitter and Facebook), forming just some of the features of this exciting new medium which the Consorcio Valencia 2007 will use to open up the 33rd America’s Cup to the world.

33rd America's Cup web site is now on line along with real time video footage

33rd America's Cup web site is now on line along with real time video footage

By joining, the visitor will access all the information created about the event, offered in three different languages (English, Spanish and French), all split into four major sections:

• The Context –everything related to the America’s Cup, from the early days until now.
• The Actors –the teams, organisation, Jury members–,
• The Venue –Valencia, the Port America’s Cup, webcams–,
• The Regatta – This last section includes everything related to the 33rd America’s Cup : the latest news, interviews, pictures, videos, results,… and access to the Quiz, a Q&A contest with interesting prizes for all the visitors to the website. will also offer the official 33rd America’s Cup merchandising, and the subscription to the RSS and newsletter services, as well as the access to the media.

For the first time in history…

The new official America’s Cup website includes two innovations that have never been seen before in the 159 years of the event’s history. For the first time ever, the racing will be available live on the internet through the Live Video system for all the subscriptors. Live commentary will be also available in all three languages : English, Spanish and French.

Another tool that is brand new for the 33rd America’s Cup website is the access to the social networks Twitter and Facebook. The latest news, the complementary activities, what is happening in the Port America’s Cup all the time, gossip, exclusive information,… For the first time, the America’s Cup “goes social”.

Valencia, Alinghi, BMW ORACLE Racing, the Port America’s Cup and the oldest sports trophy in the world : all together on