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Nicolle Associates – Managing the process of maintaining, modifying and caring for your boat…

Nicolle Associates - Managing the process of maintaining, modifying and caring for your boat…

Nicolle Associates - Managing the process of maintaining, modifying and caring for your boat…


  • Engine servicing and anode replacement

–      To ensure the best life out of your engine we only use certified engineers from the main dealers for your brand of engine. We will organise all the services such that your warranty is always valid for its lifetime. Not only will your engine be serviced but any sail drives will also be serviced and anodes will be replaced when necessary. All work undertaken will be checked to ensure the work has been completed to the highest standard.

  • Mast and rigging servicing

–      If you use your boat regularly we recommend an annual rig inspection by a professional rigger. These inspections are valid for insurance purposes and will quickly find any problems that could lead to further damage. Any modifications or additions to your rigging you require can be done as well.

  • Antifouling

–      We will antifoul your boat annually with the best antifouling available, we can recommend an antifoul for your type of boat based on usage and location or you can tell us which is your preferred antifoul and we can use that. Typically we will apply two coats of antifoul; before it is applied the surface will be lightly sanded to ensure a good surface for adhesion. We recommend once every five years that we strip off all old antifoul down to the gel coat and start again to avoid large amounts of redundant antifoul layering.

  • Safety equipment servicing

–      Safety is paramount on all vessels; lifejackets, flares, liferafts and electronic safety equipment all require regular servicing and checks. We can ensure all your equipment is serviced and ready for use all year round.

  • Gas inspections and servicing

–      Annual gas inspections will give you peace of mind that you should always be safe on board.

  • Diving operations

–      Whether you need your hull cleaned or anodes changed we can arrange divers to suit the job.

  • Wood, GRP and Gel coat Repairs

–      We work alongside the most highly regarded tradesmen in the industry. No matter what you need doing we can get hold of the best people for the best prices.

  • Propeller polishing

–      To keep your propellers working to their highest efficiency we can arrange polishing.


  • Custom design and layout modifications
  • Custom lighting and backlit yacht names
  • Generators
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bow/ Stern thrusters
  • Water systems (Ice maker, water maker and purifiers)
  • Teak decking
  • Passerelles and biminis
  • Communications (VHF, SSB, AIS and satellite systems)
  • Grey and Black tank systems
  • Sound and entertainment systems
  • CCTV and security systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Coding for charter

Uplifting ideas from Nicolle Associates - www.findaboat.co.uk

Uplifting ideas from Nicolle Associates - www.findaboat.co.uk


  • Valeting

–      We offer many different levels of valeting your boat. From express cleans to remove the weekends grime build up to a full internal and external valet bringing your boat back to the way it looked the day you bought it. To push the boat out that little bit further we can polish and wax the hull and topsides to leave the finest finish possible.

  • Sail servicing

–      Depending on the usage of your sails we can recommend a plan for keeping your sails in top form. If you discover any issues with your sails we can have a sail maker look over your sail and make any repairs.

  • Canvass servicing

–      Keeping your canvass work clean and fully waterproof not only keeps your boat looking good but also functional to ensure on those rainy days your spray hood isn’t leaking. We can arrange any cleaning, waterproofing or repairs to your current canvass work or we can organise any new pieces you require.

  • Boat systems checks

–      To ensure every time you turn up at your boat all the systems are in working condition and ready to go we can check these for you before you arrive. We can check all electrical and mechanical systems and if any problems arise we can organise the repair before you go out to enjoy your boat. Regular checks of systems can help to identify any problems at an early stage, which can often reduce the cost of the repair.

  • Boat security checks

–      We can regularly check your boats security to ensure it is locked up and all fenders and mooring lines are suitably set.

  • Winterisation

–      If you are planning on not using your boat regularly over winter you should have you engine winterised and prepare the boat for the cold temperatures. We can organise this and put tube heaters and dehumidifiers onboard for you.

  • Long term hibernation preparation

–      If you are planning on not using your boat for an extended period of time and want to lower your maintenance costs, long term hibernation programs are essential. This protects your boat from the elements and keeps all the systems ready to return to use.


  • Own boat tuition

–      We can arrange a skipper to come along with you to help you gain confidence in using your boat. Whether you’re looking to gain RYA qualifications or just to pick up some useful tips we will find the right skipper to suit your needs.

  • Worldwide delivery

–      We can organise delivery for your boat to wherever in the world you want it. Give us a time frame and we will have your boat at your desired location, ready for you to step on board and slip off.

  • Personalised crew clothing

–      To make your yacht and crew look smart we can organise personalised crew kit or even custom fenders with your yachts name on.

  • Discounts at chandleries

–      We have negotiated a discount with the United Kingdom’s largest chandlery chain for all our customers.

  • Special rates for insurance

–      Through relationships with partner firms we are able to provide insurance for all types of leisure craft, from dinghies to super yachts. Our combined experience has provided us with the breadth of knowledge to understand even the most individual requirements. Unique packages have been designed to protect clients of Nicolle Associates in the United Kingdom, European waters and further afield. All claims are administered in Southern England, but when appropriate, local claims adjusters will be used. For our insurance products, Nicolle Associates is an Introducer Appointed Representative approved by the Financial Services Authority – FSA No: 440924