Boating Services

Shipping, Haulage and Crewed Deliveries

Boating Services


We are able to provide shipping, haulage and crewed delivery for all types of leisure craft.


Our experience has provided us with the breadth of knowledge to understand even the most individual requirements.


Shipping your boat allows you to explore all the sailing areas which you wouldn’t normally have time to reach and at the same time reducing any wear and tear on your boat. Having your boat shipped can get you across oceans in a matter of days.


Haulage can allow you to take the most direct route to where you would like your boat to be. It is often the quickest way of moving boats around.


A crewed delivery allows you to have your boat delivered to the exact location you want, not relying on where trucks or ships have to end up.


We are able to work with you to get the best method of boat transport to suit your budget, time scale and any other requirements.