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Yacht Registration Application

Easy to use on-line registration that’s exclusive to Nicolle Associates clients.

For mainland registration of vessel of less than 15 metres where
the vessel is/will be lying in the UK.

This sum includes:

(i) Registration fees for first registration of new or second
hand vessel £130.00

(ii) Measurement fee £135.00. This sum applies provided that an RYA approved
surveyor can be instructed locally. (If the boat is located in an area where this in not possible the survey fee may be higher. We will advise you of any additional sum required.)

(iii) our fees (inclusive of VAT) £235.00

For registration in Jersey or Guernsey
Where the vessel is less that 13.7 metres and where the vessel is/willl be lying in the UK

For registration of vessel exceeding 15 metres or a vessel of any size lying abroad please contact us for a formal fixed price quotation.

Should the vessel currently be registered abroad, further sums will be required in order to obtain transcripts and certified copies of the foreign registry concerned and translations thereof.
Please contact us for further information and a formal quotation.

If you would like to discuss any aspect, prior to completing this form, please contact us

I would like to register my yacht – please find below my full details required for registration.

New Owner's Details Form

Please note that all items marked with an * are required Please complete for all persons having interest in ownership of the vessel concerned.

(or Company name & number)
(or name of Act or authority that set up the company)
(in the case of a company, registered office address)
In the case of more than one owner of the vessel, please provide details of other owner(s) in the following notes section. Boats are owned as to 64/64 shares, please indicate the shareholding of each owner where there is more than one owner.
(please include Shareholding, Full name, Address, Nationality and Tel.No. for each separate owner )

Details of vessel

Previous registration details
Measurement survey